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Masters 6 and 4 were allowed to pick a pair of sunglasses each recently. They both chose the Flexi Stripe Polarized Sunglasses. Master 6 chose the orange colour, and Master 4 opted for the green - his new favourite colour (it was blue last week).

 flexi-stripe-sunglasses-little-weka flexi-stripe-sunglasses-green-little-weka
Flexi Stripe Polarized Sunglasses - Orange/Black Flexi Stripe Polarized Sunglasses - Green/Black


We set it up so the glasses were delivered to them personally - real mail in the mailbox! 

The glasses were bubble wrapped, and came with a soft carry case and glasses cord. Packed in with the glasses was a polarized test card. The kids got a massive kick out of looking at the card without the sunglasses on, and then with, and seeing the difference. Master 6: "Woah! Awesome!! Mum, can I take this to school for show-and-tell tomorrow?". Yep, sure kid. 

Master 4 showed them off to anyone who would pay attention to him at basketball... "Hey guys! Hey guys! Look at my new glasses, see what they can do!!". I overheard him saying the same thing at daycare this morning. He loves new things. And showing off. Not sure who he got that from.

Here's the nitty gritty...

Now, both boys are on around the 95th percentile for head size - they have big heads. The glasses fit both of them nicely. Colours are true to the photos. The frames are advertised as being flexible, but I took this with a grain of salt. I mean - there's a little bit bendy with more snap if you push it too far, and then you've got flexible like a seasoned gymnast. These glasses are at about the middle. There's a fair amount of bend, but some resistance which is comforting for kids glasses. They aren't going to snap anytime soon. And the lenses are polarized, as evidenced with the card that came with them. 

Our personal opinion?? These are great for active kids. If they do fall off, they won't go far thanks to the cord. If they are stuffed into a backpack or pocket and squashed, they won't easily break. And the boys loved their style. I'd happily recommend them for a friend's kids. 


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